We write a custom proposal for every web development project, so there is no one-price solution, but if you are just kicking tires, here are some ballpark prices for typical sites.

Typical Prices

Most of our clients spend around $2,000 for a basic information website. This might be a WordPress site or a custom static site. This is a ballpark figure for most professional offices that might want to display a good bit of information and a contact form. An example would be Quality Sound and Communication.

Some sole proprietors have simple, distinct needs that can be accommodated for just under $1,000. If you have written all the text for your website, and it fits on one page - this may be an option for you. If it takes an hour for you to explain what you want on your site - this is probably not appropriate for you. An example of a simple site would be North America Commercial Cleaning, LLC.

Some clients have unique needs, and their rates depend on the technologies needed to meet their needs. These sites may require many hours of custom programming and database development. The data-base driven projects we complete typically run $10,000 to $20,000. Some examples of this type of site includes the Texas Chess Association and the Plan Factory.

Ballpark Estimate for Web Design

These are rough ballpark costs for new websites.

Type Range Description
HandomeWeb Simple $800 - $1,200 We build from a framework for sites that need a few paragraphs of text, a few photos, and a contact form. Updates require editing of code.
WordPress Customized Premium Theme $1,800 - $2,500 We build using a customized implementation of a proprietary WordPress theme. Most updates can be made by the client using an administrative interface.
Custom Static Build $1,500 - $5,000 We build for your unique needs, specific design tastes, and custom artwork.
Custom WordPress Theme $10,000 - $25,000 We build custom WordPress theme from scratch to encapsulate all your unique needs, specific design requests, and artwork.
Custom PHP Data-driven Application $5,000 - $25,000 We engineer your database and application to accomplish all your desired outcomes and user interactions.

Other Startup Costs

If you are starting up your first website, be aware of these additional costs in addition to the design and development of the site.

  • Domain Name Registration - We recommend our partner company Handsome Web Services.
  • TSL Security Certificates - If you host with us, we charge only $25/year.
  • Email - We recommend Google Workspace for email @yourdomain.

Prices for Our Services

We provide more than design and development services.

  • Basic Linux Hosting - $120/year
  • WordPress Hosting with Maintenance - $250/year
  • Superior Custom Hosting - depends on requirements
  • Hourly Development or Consulting - $60/hour
  • TSL Certificates (SSL) - $25/year

It is time to make your web handsome!

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