Using cPanel

Accessing Your cPanel

The control panel, often called cPanel, is a graphical interface that allows you to easily set up and maintain your website.  You can access your cPanel by going to and substituting your actual domain name.

Newly Created Accounts

After you set up your web hosting, it can take a full 24 hours to be fully activated.  During this time, you may not be able to access your control panel. Additionally, if your domain name has not been redirected to your new web host, you will not be able to access your control panel.  If you need to access your cPanel during this time, there is an interim cPanel like the following link:

Proxy Port Problems

If you have problems accessing your control panel, it may be due to your firewall settings.  Certain firewalls block the ports the cPanel runs from, namely ports 2082 and 2083.  If this happens to you, you can access your cPanel over the standard 80 port.  Go to (use your actual domain name).  If this does not work, contact your web host’s support department for more help.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials can help you learn what each function of the cPanel is for and how to use them.  A link to the video tutorial is conveniently located on the top of each function page.

Your web host may also provide you with video tutorials.  For example, InMotion Hosting offers video tutorials located on the Control Panel Flash Guides at

cPanel User Guide

For in-depth information and more help, please see the official cPanel User Guide  This link can assist you with email, security, databases, and more.

cPanel on your Mobile Device

Although not produced by cPanel, there are a couple of apps available for you to begin managing your server configurations on the fly. HostCP (for cPanel®) is one such app for your mobile device that will allow you to set up emails, add domains to your account, and more. If you have cPanel, investing in one of these apps is really convenient for managing your hosting while on the go.

Overall not every web hosting provider will support or give you a cPanel license. Depending on your choice of web host, you may have access to alternatives such as Plesk or their own customised control panel. Usually on shared hosting cPanel is provided as part of the bundle, when you upgrade to more customizable virtual private servers, hosting companies will often give you a choice of which control panel to install for a small extra individual license fee.

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