Lawfirm Website Design + Mobile

We just launched the new It features a mobile version for mobile devices, a WordPress backend for content management, serious search engine optimization text and mark-up, two custom themes – one for desktop one for mobile, new Google maps that has all easy markers, social like buttons for a bunch of social-media sites. […]

Questions about Mobile Web Design

Does your business have a mobile-friendly site? If not, or if you’re not sure, we can help you get started. Do mobile sites require an App? No, a mobile user is automatically redirected to the user friendly mobile version using your current domain name. 94% of mobile phone users use their phones when looking for […]

Mobilize Your Website!

Mobilize Your Website! The world is already mobile! Is your website? Mobile websites are designed for a smaller screen, and load fast when users are facing less-than-opitimal bandwidth. If your site is mobile-friendly it can help connect with customers, find new customers, steal customers from your competitors with non-mobilized sites. HandsomeWeb is dedicating the month […]