David Nicklas Organ Donation Awareness Foundation


In order to be listed on the transplant waiting list a recipient must live within a certain proximity to a transplant hospital. The David Nicklas Organ Donation Awareness Foundation provides free fully-furnished housings for people waiting a life-saving organ transplant who are too far from a hospital. Housing is provided in a Foundation-owned apartment complex in the heart of DFW.  This site launched this week.

The organization also raises awareness of the need for organ donors, has sponsored many events including golf tournaments, car shows, organ donor awareness day with the Texas Rangers, and more.

Wingate Partners

Wingate PartnersWingate Partners was founded in 1987 to purchase controlling equity investments in basic industries such as manufacturing, distribution and industrial services.  Wingate focuses on complex “story deals” that include companies that are under-performing potential, exist in difficult or out-of-favor industries, are carve-outs or are navigating management transitions. Their philosophy is to create value by supporting management in their efforts to improve the operations of the company.  The Partners of Wingate have substantial senior-level operating experience and extensive careers in acquiring companies.  This is the third rebuild of the Wingate Partners in about 10 years.

East Texas Veterans Alliance

etvalliance.orgNearly 100,000 veterans call East Texas home! When families, active duty military, and National Guard/Reserve members are added to that number, this under-recognized segment of the community reaches 250,000 people or 20% of the regional population. More telling is what the East Texas region does not have: a military installation with support services. But the East Texas Region does have organizations, institutions and people that revere those veterans, the military and their families, and strive to sustain an inclusive, dynamic community.

The mission of the East Texas Veterans Alliance is to strengthen the network of community based resources for East Texas veterans, military, and their families.

One Million Pages in Six Months

Churches-in.com achieved one million page views in 2008 by the first week of June this year.  This according to the server logs.  That is inflated because there is quite a bit of BOT traffic that looks like real people.  Google Analytics is more accurate (but underestimates).  Google Analytics has tracked the traffic since April 2006 and  shows 634,350 Visits and 1,282,744 Pageviews

New Site – New Blog – New City

It is less than thirty days until I move back to Arlington, Texas. I have to do some updates on the site, so I added a blog. I have two good reasons for doing this. First, I’m putting off something more important. Second, I’m building a new site to sell my hot, new product, The HandsomeWeb. HandsomeWeb is my commercial product featuring SOS Webpages.

Now I have finished a paragraph and can delete that darn default post by Mr. WordPress.