Security Apps for Smartphones

The Best Security Apps for Your Smartphone

Security concerns and problems are on the rise day by day on all platforms, be it iOS, Blackberry or Android everyone needs to do something about their safety and the security of their smart device. Today most online attacks are in fact targeted towards people accessing networks from their handheld device, this is largely because there are so many users and the fact that they are a lot easier to break into and mostly provide the same information as a regular computer. However many people may not have security measures in place simply because they don’t know what to do about it, here is a list of useful security apps you can employ to help you out. To get away from apps like an Android spy or a Blackberry spy.

The ESET story

One of the more popular security apps being put to use these days is ESET Mobile Security, developed by the security firm ESET this app features SIM card recognition together with some other features if your main concern for your smartphone is its physical safety, in the case of a stolen phone this would be a good app to have on the device. It does lack one more common feature and that is the ability to tell what apps installed on the device are doing while they run. It’s also unable to tell you details about app permissions.

Have Some McAfee

A well known name in the security industry is McAfee which has long been around securing personal computer systems and has now also moved in to the smartphone industry. McAfee mobile security is an interesting app, regularly scanning and prompting the user about what is happening on the phone. This is a free service, and also has a paid version which will cost $29.99 annually, and it also comes with the added benefit that you get unlimited cloud storage space.

Secure Through F-Secure

F-Secure mobile security has recently launched the 7.6 version of its smartphone application and seems to be doing pretty well with it. F-Secure mobile security 7.7 also features special parental controls to cater to people looking for a security solution for the entire family, amongst other things that it has on offer. F-Secure is a little pricier than the rest charging an annual fee of $39.99 for premium services, and otherwise also offering a free service.

Guarding You with Bitdefender 

Bitdefender is a security solution which will not clutter up your phone and is available for only $9.99 per year. There is also a free version of the app available which will quietly sink in to the background and go about its business; however an evaluation by various websites about the application report that it is not as powerful as its current counterparts.

Lock Out Malware with Lookout 

The highly acclaimed Lookout security service is not only very highly recommended but it is also one of the very few, and the only one on this list, which is truly a smartphone security solution. With no history in protecting computers Lookout is an app developed purely for smartphone use and has not taken any of its features from its interface on another medium. Looks are not its only selling point and in fact combines a heavy duty antivirus with versatile features for example an app auditor which will tell you about the apps you are running in detail. More so with Lookout installed you will also be protected by a firewall which the security app deploys on the device not to mention a wide variety of things that you can do to your device remotely, so in the case that your device is lost or has been stolen you can easily clear the device of all sensitive information and even locate it. For $29.99 a year it’s a bargain, and it has a free service.

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