First Summer Launch

The first site launch of the summer is (not to be confused with – also a HandsomeWeb site). Those folks over at the slide bracelet capital of the world, Gwinn, MI, are pretty fancy when it comes to making bracelets. is another web store from RL Wood Company with thousands of products offered on line. Way more than any of their competitors. Of special importance is the Google results for a search for “slide bracelets.”

One Million Pages in Six Months achieved one million page views in 2008 by the first week of June this year.  This according to the server logs.  That is inflated because there is quite a bit of BOT traffic that looks like real people.  Google Analytics is more accurate (but underestimates).  Google Analytics has tracked the traffic since April 2006 and  shows 634,350 Visits and 1,282,744 Pageviews

SOS Webpages 1.1.2 Released

I released SOS Webpages 1.1.2 today.

I wrote SOS Webpages to be the basis of the HandsomeWeb.

SOS Webpages is an easy-to-learn website management system for novices wanting to manage site content. Simple web site management for non-profit organizations, small businesses, professional offices, small churches. PHP, MySQL for content management system.

Dutch and English translations are included, and localization is possible for both the front and back end. As of today their have been 1,618 downloads from Sourceforge.

New Site – New Blog – New City

It is less than thirty days until I move back to Arlington, Texas. I have to do some updates on the site, so I added a blog. I have two good reasons for doing this. First, I’m putting off something more important. Second, I’m building a new site to sell my hot, new product, The HandsomeWeb. HandsomeWeb is my commercial product featuring SOS Webpages.

Now I have finished a paragraph and can delete that darn default post by Mr. WordPress.