SOS Webpages 1.1.4 Released

Only a few days since the last release, but I found an easy-to-fix bug that only appeared in some shared hosting evironments.  It was also possible to download all of the pictures at once without logging in.  Not a big security problem since they are all available on the site, but I still didn’t like that it was possible.

SOS Webpages 1.1.3 Released

I released SOS Webpages Version 1.1.3 today at SourceForge.  Updated the WYSIWYG editor and added an easy backup mechanism.  One click downloads a SQL dump from the database.  One click for a zipped file of all the uploaded pictures, etc.

The open source website management system is getting more notice in The Netherlands than anywhere else.  That is being helped along because of the Dutch translation that is included.  The system can be localized to any language quite easily (if you know the language).

New Site Live

New HandsomeWeb Site is live.  It is featuring the new product, “The HandsomeWeb”.  This fabulous web development plan is the most affordable, I’ve ever  put out there.  It leverages the power of our website management system and custom web design for a plan that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Check it out: The HandsomeWeb

This Week at HandsomeWeb

Did a lot of work at the this week.  Some was on the Client side, so you can’t see it, but on the front end, visitors are now able to mark their favorite stock plans and review them whenever they return to the site. has been ours for about three years now, and I do updates for the site periodically.

Today was an ugly day because one of my oldest webserver went blinking.  I only have four sites on it, but is one of them.  I think I only lost three hours, but I’d rather those hours had been at night.

A new HandsomeWeb site will be up next week (July 1 is the target.).  It will feature “The HandsomeWeb,”  the new product that will be affordable, professional, custom designed, and easy to update.  It is built on top of SOS Webpages.

Favorite: Remember the Milk

I’ll make a list of my favorite Internet Sites.  “Remember the Milk.” is my first “Favorite.”  This online to do list is a life saver for me. I even sync it with the task list on my Blackjack II. It is integrated in Google Calendar, so if I set a deadline, it appears there too.  I organize by function, the prioritize, create deadlines, etc.  I can email my tasks to it, and much more.

I especially like the cute cow.

New Product: The HandsomeWeb

Your website should be professional and unique! Your business/organization is unique; your customers/clients are unique; your website should be unique. And just as you go through changes in your business, those changes should be reflected on your website. The HandsomeWeb is an affordable combination of custom design and easy updates. First Summer Launch

The first site launch of the summer is (not to be confused with – also a HandsomeWeb site). Those folks over at the slide bracelet capital of the world, Gwinn, MI, are pretty fancy when it comes to making bracelets. is another web store from RL Wood Company with thousands of products offered on line. Way more than any of their competitors. Of special importance is the Google results for a search for “slide bracelets.”

One Million Pages in Six Months achieved one million page views in 2008 by the first week of June this year.  This according to the server logs.  That is inflated because there is quite a bit of BOT traffic that looks like real people.  Google Analytics is more accurate (but underestimates).  Google Analytics has tracked the traffic since April 2006 and  shows 634,350 Visits and 1,282,744 Pageviews