Lawfirm Website Design + Mobile

Arlington Personal Injury AttorneyWe just launched the new It features a mobile version for mobile devices, a WordPress backend for content management, serious search engine optimization text and mark-up, two custom themes – one for desktop one for mobile, new Google maps that has all easy markers, social like buttons for a bunch of social-media sites. is the personal injury website for Machi & Associates, P.C., one of Arlington’s most reputable lawfirms.

Mobile Site:

Cub Scout Pack 378I thought it would be nice to feature a few mobile sites just to help with the Mobile Website excitement  and our Get Mobilized campaign.

We provide web development or hosting for several not-for profit groups in Texas, Arkansas, and Michigan.  One of our favorites is Cub Scout Pack 378 ( Visit on your mobile device.

The website is built on the WordPress platform with a custom theme we designed for the group.  The mobile version is tweaked mobile theme allowing the group to have a great mobile presence. Visit the website for this Arlington Texas Cub Scouts Pack.


Questions about Mobile Web Design

  • Does your business have a mobile-friendly site? If not, or if you’re not sure, we can help you get started.
  • Do mobile sites require an App? No, a mobile user is automatically redirected to the user friendly mobile
    version using your current domain name.
  • 94% of mobile phone users use their phones when looking for local information. As a result, 90% of them
    contact the business or make a purchase.
  • There are more than 300 million mobile phone users in the U.S., and 90% of them access the Internet.
  • Mobile web design improves user experience. Clear and simple – by reducing the load time of the website
    to cope with slower connections and adapt fonts and graphics for smaller screens.
  • Search engines give priority to mobile websites when searched from mobile devises. It makes sense for
    business owners to use this opportunity to rank high on the likes of Google and Yahoo.

Mobile Site:

Machi & Associates, PCI thought it would be nice to feature a few mobile sites just to help with the Mobile Website excitement  and our Get Mobilized campaign. is the bankruptcy website of Arlington Bankruptcy Attorney, Ted Machi. Visit on your mobile phone.

The desktop version of has several hundred (maybe a thousand) pages of content about personal finance, bankrupty, bankruptcy law, etc.  The mobile version focuses on the important information a mobile user may want.

The mobile site features the firm’s TV commercials – you may recognize “the Debt Dr.”  It also allows users to schedual an initial consultation on their mobile phone.  My favorite part of the site is the maps app opening on my iPhone when I click the Google button.  I am able to immediately route my way to the Lawfirm’s location.

Mobile Site:

HandsomeWeb Mobile SiteI thought it would be nice to feature a few mobile sites just to help with the Mobile Website excitement  and our forthcoming Get Mobilized campaign.

I should quickly move to our own mobile site because I like it, and the link won’t hurt our SEO.

I followed all the rules with the HandsomeWeb site.  The content was cut back a little bit, but the information a mobile user would look for is here.

Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and WordPress Development are features on the mobile site.

The Blog portion of our mobile site is a WordPress Mobile theme tweaked to look to match our site.  The main mobile site doesn’t link to the blog, but if you happen to land on a blog page while surfing, you’ll get a mobile page.  We decided to prepare for mobile visitors because a lot of our blog posts have started appearing in search engines.

Mobile Site:

Sample Mobile Web DesignI thought it would be nice to feature a few mobile sites just to help with the Mobile Website excitement  and our forthcoming Get Mobilized campaign.

First up is Visit on your mobile device! The mobile site is displayed on my iPhone.

The Plan Factory provides custom home designs.  Clients are able to communicate with the company via their mobile site.  If the Plan Factory is designing your new home, and you are revising the plans to include one more restroom – this may happen:  The architect uploads the current version of the plan, and you receive a text message on your phone.  You go to the site, login, and see the message from the designer.  You have question and send it straight to your designer.  Clients can also schedule a face to face appointment right from the mobile site.


550-Verification Failed from Google Apps

I woke up this morning and sent an email to my wife.  I used Gmail, particularly for a Google Aps account  A few seconds later I received the rejection.  Not from my wife, but from Google.  And being rejected by Google always feels bad.  Here is the note from

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550-Verification failed for <>
550-No Such User Here
550 Sender verify failed (state 13).

—– Original message —–

The odd thing is no user could send email to any account on that web server, but any other Gmail account or google apps account worked fine. I spent time on chat with my hosting company, then on the phone, and the best they could tell me was that my web server saw my account at Gmail as a spammer.  They gave me what they claimed was a Google IP address (I checked – it was not a Google IP address).  But they even told me the blacklist it was on.

My problem and solution.

I caused the problem.  I was in the process of building a new website for on this same server.  It was, at the time, on another host.  I changed my hosts file on my PC so I could use the domain.  But the server only thinks it is hosting, thinks it has the proper A record and the proper MX records.  And as far as the server could tell, it was the host of the site and the email.  So, when it received email from “”, it immediately rejected it for coming from another server.  It did not check SPF records that had all Google email addresses.

My solution, I put the correct MX records in the new hosting account, and it accepted them fine.

At least Google gave me the rejection.  I have a client that has his email server in his office and his website off site.  If an email is generated from his webserver (contact form) and sent to his mail server it is deleted with no bounce message.  I wonder if he lost much business.  Of course, I can blame that on his network guy – not the web server (or search engine success specialist).