Arlington Court Reporting

ArlingtonCourtReporting.comI built the first website for Arlington Court Reporting back in the year 2000.  In 2016, I built the latest version in WordPress. Arlington Court Reporting has delivered quality service and accurate reporting since 1987. The strive to make scheduling depositions as smooth as possible by providing many amenities that other firms do not offer. Arlington Court Reporting believes that satisfied customers start with the experienced and highly skilled staff.

East Texas Veterans Alliance

etvalliance.orgNearly 100,000 veterans call East Texas home! When families, active duty military, and National Guard/Reserve members are added to that number, this under-recognized segment of the community reaches 250,000 people or 20% of the regional population. More telling is what the East Texas region does not have: a military installation with support services. But the East Texas Region does have organizations, institutions and people that revere those veterans, the military and their families, and strive to sustain an inclusive, dynamic community.

The mission of the East Texas Veterans Alliance is to strengthen the network of community based resources for East Texas veterans, military, and their families.

Lamar High School Band Booster Club

The Lamar Band Booster Club (LBBC) supports the Lamar Band programs with volunteering, fundraising and event coordination. All members are benefiting their student’s music experience as their membership fees contribute to the overall fundraising of LBBC.  The website serves as a clearing house for announcements, calendars, events, photos, and other media.

Triple Check Inspections

Triple Check Inspections is a locally owned and operated family business with a great reputation for expertise, friendliness, accuracy, and reliability. Their family has been serving the North Texas area in the real estate industry for over 25 years as architects, home builders, and home inspectors. This is a WordPress site that launched about a year ago.

Triple Check is better than Double Check!

Los Angeles String Instruments

A family-owned business, Los Angeles String Instruments distributes finely crafted violins, violas, and cellos to retail outlets around the U.S. It seems most of the family behind this company is a musician, but a few are some of the best craftsmen of string instruments in the world.  The site is not a retail site, the company currently only sells wholesale.  But you can ask for the products by name at your music shop.

Troop 545 and the ScoutTroop WordPress Theme

Hundreds of Boy Scout Units around the country use the ScoutTroop WordPress theme I build a few years ago. It was originally designed for Troop 545 in Arlington, Texas, but we shared it with anyone interested. We offer two flavors, one is an HTML version, and one is WordPress version. Both are available free. I have received a lot of thankyou notes for the theme and a few strange requests – one person didn’t want to use the WordPress version, but wanted to use the HTML version and convert it to WordPress, and he wanted me to tell him how to do that in an email. I just replied with a link to the WordPress Codex.

Oh yeah, I had a blog.

HandsomeWeb, LLC Mobile Updated the website and thought, “Oh Yeah, I have a blog”

Now, I didn’t update the really old WordPress theme.  I’ll have to junk it at some point.

I think I’ll do back posts over the past three years, so it looks like I keep up with this.

Strike that – I’ve been in a coma for three years – I was having a nightmare where I was about to vote for President and . . .